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BISB Tracksuit

We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with adidas to offer our students the option the purchase the new BISB tracksuit.

What to order

The tracksuit is an optional set for our students to wear. But when needing a tracksuit to travel to fixtures, what better than travelling in style in the BISB tracksuit!

We offer the tracksuit option to our senior girls and boys as well as our juniors.

When to order & When delivery

We operate on a pre-order system this time of year. 

Start order date:   13 November 2023

Deadline order date:  04 December 2023

Delivery date:  20 December 2023

Home or Central delivery

Please make sure you order on time, in order to receive your order on the above date. We offer the option to  deliver to your home which is €9.50 or Central delivery to the school packed per student and free of charge.