Fresh Orange Brands was founded in 2014 and is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Originally started out as an agent and distributor for multiple sports (and technology) brands that were looking to maximize their business in mainland Europe, through our network of professional and amateur sports (clubs), international schools, gyms and corporates.

Considering the economic turmoil on the back of Brexit, international order fulfilment poses a serious challenge for many online retailers when expanding into the EU market. Here at Fresh Orange Brands & Logistics, we offer brands the possibility to optimize their shipping by reducing delivery times and costs through our logistics facility in Rotterdam, where we take care of the fulfilment across the whole of Europe.

In addition to this, we offer an embellishment service, which allows us to cater for your bespoke look requirements and to be flexible in the offering to our customers, with short lead times and a variety of different application types available.

We will be supplying you with your PE KIT or schoolclothing.

If you are interested in having a webshop for your schoolclothing please visit Fresh Orange Brands or contact us on